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Mexican Short Film

Country: Mexico
Year: 2019
Language: Spanish, Zoque
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 18 mins.

In 1982, the eruption of the Chichonal volcano forced the Zoque community to relocate; Filmed over the course of six years, (((((/ * \))))) captures the unique atmosphere of this chiapan village in a audiovisual feast that explores the cultural richness of minority communities and the neoliberal pressure on the indigenous peoples and their lands, finding parallels in the condition of refugees everywhere.

Charles Fairbanks, Saúl Kak

Saúl Kak is an international painter whose art is concentrated on the "cosmovision" and rights of the people around him. Charles Fairbanks is a filmmaker and writer whose works have been screened at over 100 festivals worldwide; their previous colaboration -The Modern Jungle- won the best documentary award at Slamdance and in the Présence Autochtone in Athens, Greece.

Director: Charles Fairbanks, Saúl Kak
Cinematography: Charles Fairbanks
Production: Charles Fairbanks and Saúl Kak.
Editing: Charles Fairbanks
Music: Hugo Paris
Sound: Saúl Kak
contacto: charles.fairbanks@gmail.com


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