Blue&Malone: Casos imposibles

Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases

Kids in Action

Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 20 mins.

On the eve of its demolition, Berta visits the old theater where her grandmother used to work. She finds out that it's not completely abandoned. Mortando Malone and Big Blue Cat, her old imaginary friends, are there to help her solve an impossible case: recapture her capacity to dream.

Abraham López

Abraham López studies at EICTV and works as animator in TV series and as creative director and director in advertising. He directed the award winning TV series Mad and Bad (2007) and Clanners (2011-2012, RTVE). Marcos Valín studies at ECAM and directs Atención al Cliente and Rascal Street both nominated for Goya Prizes. Participates in Planet 51 and works as a stop-motion animator like Frankenweenie by Tim Burton.

Director: Abraham López
Cast Aura Garrido, Alex O’Dogherty
Cinematography: Jorge Roig
Production: Emilio Luján, Gerardo Álvarez, Pablo de la Chica, Manuel Carbajo Martín, Nathalie Martinez
Screenplay: Abraham López
Editing: Juan Manuel Gamazo
Music: Miguel Malla
Sound: Fede Álvarez
Art Direction: Sara Velázquez, Victoria Paz
Animation: Rubén Querol, Antonio Romero, Carlos García Amate, Francisco Martín, Francisco Jose Díaz, Cristina Calles, Javier Barriola, Elsa Valverde, Juan Gabriel Carreño, Bruno Barrios, Abraham López, Ana Covadonga Sánchez, Javier Vázquez, Alberto Herrera, Silvia Santos, Sergio Cifuentes, Juan Luis Gorjón, Miguel Angel Fuertes, Jesús del Campo, Andersson Rey, Elena Manzano, Santiago Campana


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