Días de invierno

Days of Winter

Mexican Feature

Country: Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 91 mins.

Nestor finds himself stagnated with his life, working the night shift as a hotel receptionist, he doesn't seem to have much of a future. He wants to go live with his sister in the United States, however, being the youngest son and the only one who continues to live with his mother, Lilia, he cannot make the decision to leave just now.

Jaiziel Hernández Máynez

Jaiziel Hernández Máynez is a cinematographer who graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. Together with Nina Wara Carrasco, he founded Estación Marte Films at the end of 2016. As a dop, his latest works include the documentary feature Hasta los dientes (2018) and the fictional  feature Se escuchan aullidos (2020).

Director: Jaiziel Hernández Máynez
Cast Leticia Huijara, Miguel Narro, Saidde García Ulloa
Cinematography: Juan Pablo Ramirez Ibañez, AMC
Production: Edgar Nito Arrache, Daniel Cabello, Raymundo Hernández Ramírez, Jaiziel Hernández Máynez
Screenplay: Jaiziel Hernández Máynez, Oriana Jimenez Castro
Editing: Lenz Claure, Arturo Manrique Hurtado, Jaiziel Hernández Máynez
Music: Carlos Pesina Siller, Leon Purviance
Sound: Daniel Ortiz, Macarena Heredia
Art Direction: Diana Coral
contacto: jaiziel@gmail.com


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