Douma Underground

International Documentary

Country: Lebanon
Year: 2019
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 11 mins.

With the barrel bombs falling on Ghouta, the Eastern suburbs of Damascus, civilians sought shelter in the basements of their homes. I was one of them, holding on to my camera I tried to film what I could not express in words.

Tim Alsiofi

Born in Douma, Damascus countryside in 1994, Tim Alsiofi has started studying sound engineering and music in 2009. He couldn’t complete his studies because of the blockade imposed on the city of Douma and eastern Ghouta, he was forcedly displaced in 2018. During this period, he worked as a director and a sound engineer in Russel Studio in Douma. He also worked as a broadcaster and reporter for a several local and international radio stations. After the beginning of his work as a field photographer in 2013, he contributed to the transfer of images from the heart of eastern Ghouta to numerous news agencies. He is a member of Sam Lenses team and Russel studio, and a founding member of the voluntary project, Humanity in Syria.

Director: Tim Alsiofi
Cinematography: Tim Alsiofi, Khalil MHD
Production: Mohammad Ali Atassi
Screenplay: Tim Alsiofi
Editing: Qutaiba Barhamji
Music: Manuel Vidal
Sound: Manuel Vidal


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