Hot Flash

Short Animation

Country: Canada
Year: 2019
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Runtime: 10 mins.

A newscaster is due to go live on television in the middle of a hot flash, in Thea Hollatz's animated comedy about a woman trying to keep her cool when one type of flash leads to another.

Thea Hollatz

Thea is a director and production designer who graduated from the Ryerson University’s film program in 2014. Her production design credits include the TIFF premieres Cardinals (2017), Firecrackers (2018), and most recently The Rest Of Us (2019). Hot Flash is her debut short film.

Director: Thea Hollatz
Cast Christine Horne, Grace Glowicki, Tyler Johnston, Peter Spence, Tony Nappo, Natty Zavitz
Production: Kristy Neville, Kristy Neville Code, Morghan Fortier, Brett Jubinville
Screenplay: Thea Hollatz
Music: Neil Haverty
Animation: Meaghan Meadows, Larissa Melnik, Lauren Mowat, Nicole Turner, Danielle Van Eeden


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