La espera

La Espera

International Documentary

Country: Germany, Brazil, Netherlands
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 14 mins.

A remote piece of no man´s land. A dusty, barren area in between the railway line and the highway. A few campfires flaring. Groups of people gathering here and there. Slowly the situation is becoming clear. They are part of the caravan heading towards the US border. Silent images and fragments of touching conversations calmly direct the viewer's attention to the microcosm of individual destinies within the context of world affairs. What seems so abstract and far away, suddenly becomes close and alive.

Danilo Do Carmo, Jakob Krese

Danilo do Carmo was born in the south of Brazil. He studied cinematography and editing at the Film University of São Paulo and Berlin. He is the DoP of Bird Boy (2018) which was awarded the best picture of the Curta Cinema Festival in Rio de Janeiro. La Espera, his directorial debut together with Jakob Krese, premiered at IFFR in Rotterdam in 2020. Jakob Krese grew up between former Yugoslavia and Germany. He studied cinematography and directing in Berlin, Havana and Sarajevo. Since then, Jakob has worked as director, producer and cinematographer of creative documentaries. His films have been shown at competition programs of festivals like IFFR Rotterdam and DOK-Leipzig. In 2019, he co-founded the production company Majmun Films.

Director: Danilo Do Carmo, Jakob Krese
Cinematography: Arne Büttner
Production: Annika Mayer
Editing: Annika Mayer
Sound: Danilo Do Carmo


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