Lupita que retiemble la tierra


Mexican Short Film

Country: United States, Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish, Mayan languages
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 21 mins.

In a country where indigenous people are increasingly displaced, their land stolen, where students disappear without trace following police arrest, and journalists are murdered at an alarming rate, a courageous new voice emerges. Lupita, a Tsostil Maya massacre survivor, at the forefront of a new movement of indigenous women.

Monica Wise Robles

Monica Wise Robles is a colombian american documentary filmmaker and video journalist based in Mexico City. Her work focuses on intimate stories of resistance across borders to highlight feminist, LGBTQ, migrant, and indigenous narratives. Monica’s work can be seen in The Guardian, The Intercept, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, AJ+, PBS and the BBC, among other outlets. Her first short documentary Lupita premiered online with the Ambulante festival in Mexico, and internationally with Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020. Monica was also a producer and cinematographer on The New Deciders, a 2016 PBS election special with journalist Maria Hinojosa. Monica is an International Women’s Media Foundation Adelante fellow, a Ford Foundation and Sundance Institute grantee, and was selected for Take The Lead’s 2018 #50WomenCan program for women working to change the gender gap in the media industry. She is a member of the Brown Girls Doc Mafia and the Video Consortium.

Director: Monica Wise Robles
Cast Guadalupe Vázquez Luna
Cinematography: Monica Wise Robles
Production: Monica Wise Robles, Eduardo Gutiérrez Pérez , Morena Pérez Joachin
Screenplay: Monica Wise Robles, Mar Jardiel
Editing: Mar Jardiel
Music: Esperanza de Velasco, Josefa de Velasco
Sound: Jerónimo Gorráez , Christian Giraud


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