Me, a Monster?

Kids in Action

Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 6 mins.

Nono is the only inhabitant of planet Pano. He lives happily and spends his days taking care of his small and beloved planet. One day, the unexpected visit of Be2 will alter everything and will have a big impact on Nono. Despite their obvious differences, both will find a way to communicate and, therefore, live together in harmony.

Belinda Bonan

Belinda Bonan is the screenwriter, director and producer of Me, a Monster? her second animated short film. Her debut film, Back In Fashion (2017) won 3 awards and 19 official selections at international film festivals.

Director: Belinda Bonan
Cinematography: Belinda Bonan
Production: Joan Rubinat, Belinda Bonan
Screenplay: Belinda Bonan
Editing: Belinda Bonan
Music: Inés Mirás
Sound: Joan Rubinat
Animation: Jose Portillo, Nacho Maure, Salva Artero, Angel Cornejo


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