Country: Germany, Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 16 mins.

Frida and Emiliano are having an affair. After spending an evening together he asks for more than she is willing to give. Her negative to his desires has tragic consequences for her, as it does for too many women in Mexico. NO isn’t the story of Frida, but of all women who’ve been victims of gender violence. NO it’s a mirror, a desperate howl.

Bruno Manguen Sapiña

Back in 2010, and purely driven by intuition, Manguen Sapiña directed his first short film in his natal Mexico City. He continued writing and directing short films, studied photography, enrolled into every filmmaking workshop available to him and worked as first A.D in over 90 TV commercials. He earned the filmmaking masters program in the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. There he was awarded with the DAAD PROMOS Scholarship to do an exchange semester in Emerson College, Boston, USA. Specialised in screenplay and narrative directing he graduated with honours in October 2019. He is currently developing his first feature, a hyper-expressionistic tragedy that plays in Mexico City.

Director: Bruno Manguen Sapiña
Cast Mariana Cantú, Carlos Cesar González, Nelly Morales, Daniel Fuentes, Salvador De la Garza, Paolo Arambula, Mario De León, Fransico Juarez, Edgar Iván González, Angélica Vera, José Miguel "El Chino" Consuelo, Maria Del Carmen, Jorge Armando, Jorge Huitron, Juan Patricio, José Peñalosa, Carlos Pelayo
Cinematography: Alexander Pauckner
Production: Bruno Manguen Sapiña, Francisco Torregrosa, Alexander Paucker, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln , Muchacho Films , FTPS
Screenplay: Bruno Manguen Sapiña
Editing: Bruno Manguen Sapiña, Francisco Juarez
Music: David Bravou, Roberto Zamudio
Sound: Pamela Casasa
Art Direction: Juan Trujillo


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