Silencio Radio

Radio Silence

Mexican Feature

Country: Switzerland, Mexico
Year: 2019
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 79 mins.

When Carmen Aristegui is fired from the radio station where she works for revealing a major case of corruption, far from being intimidated, she becomes more insistent in her fight to collect and transmit transparent information. Power is not on her side, but her research colleagues, and a network of more than 18 million listeners who miss her arbitrarily silenced voice are.

Juliana Fanjul

Filmmaker trained in Mexico, Cuba and Switzerland, specialized in documentary. Her films Silencio Radio (2019), Muchachas (2015) and Si Seguimos Vivos (2010) have been screened at festivals such as IDFA, Visions du Réel, Ficunam, Ambulante, Guadalajara, Riviera Maya, Guanajuato, DokFest Munich, Doc Montevideo, FDH Paris , HRWW London and NY, among others. Having directed for Al Jazeera and Swiss Television, she is currently in charge of the documentary class of the Cuban Film School.

Director: Juliana Fanjul
Cast Carmen Aristegui
Cinematography: Jérôme Colin
Production: José Cohen, Philippe Coeytaux
Screenplay: Juliana Fanjul
Editing: Yaël Bitton
Music: Marc Parazon
Sound: Carlos Ibanez-Diaz


16:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: INFORUM

15:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: Parque Bicentenario