Country: Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 93 mins.

Pedro De Toro and his family are secluded in a state-of theart house/bunker in a lonely place. Pedro wants to get out of the drug cartel he has helped with his financial knowledge, and this is the night you have planned for it all to end. Lina, a sickly 10-year-old girl, unexpectedly arrives at the safe house, at the same time a group of professional assassins who combine high technology with weapons medieval. It seems that the De Toro family will be massacred by the cartel, until They discover the killers' goal: to kill the innocent ten-year-old girl.

Rigoberto Castañeda

Rigoberto Castañeda was born in Mexico City. He studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. Based on the legend of La Llorona, he wrote and directed his first feature film, Kilometer 31 (2007), produced by Lemon Films and distributed by Videocine, becoming the highest grossing Mexican horror film of all time and triumphing in the awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Mexico by winning five Arieles. His film career was followed by the psychological thriller Blackout (2008); the acclaimed horror anthology series, M13DOS, for Televisa; and his debut as a producer with Reencarnación (2012), inspired by the book Murder in a Chinese laundry, by the Mexican writer Juan José Rodríguez. The television series Terminals are added; as well Paramedics; and Señora Acero, among others, in addition to the award-winning series for Disney, Hasta que te conocí, which portrays the famous Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. In 2018 he directed Diablero, a Netflix original series with a novel concept of horror comedy and demon hunters. He is currently in post-production with The Exorcism of Karem, directed by Henry Bedwell who is a partner in his new company L’Mento Entertainment; and with the long-awaited series for Amazon Narcos against Zombies. The film Sin Origen, which finished filming in early 2020, is a magnificent nod to the vampire subgenre, consolidating Rigoberto Castañeda as one of the greatest exponents of Mexican horror cinema.  

Director: Rigoberto Castañeda
Cast Daniel Martínez, Lissete Morelos, Paulina Gil, Arap Bethke, Ramón Medina, Horacio García Rojas, Matías Del Castillo, Paola Muñoz, Adria Collado
Cinematography: Germán Lammers
Production: Rigoberto Castañeda, Henry Bedwell
Screenplay: Michael Cassie
Editing: Martha Poly
Music: Omeworld, Rodrigo García Morelos, Paola Treviño Todd
Sound: Erik Ruiz Arellano, Orlando Sánchez Luna


22:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: INFORUM

22:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: Parque Bicentenario