Country: Belgium
Year: 2020
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 15 mins.

A family living in a war torn country, spends what seems to be a normal evening. Their conversations shift between casual matters of daily life and survival. This ambiguous situation highlights the aches of taking time for granted and how we live life.

Rand Abou Fakher

Rand Abou Fakher (Syria, 1995) studied flute at the national Syrian Conservatory in Damascus. In 2015 she moved to Brussels, Belgium. Her debut short film, Braided Love had its international premiere in Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018. Rand is a multi platform artist and currently performs in a theatre play.

Director: Rand Abou Fakher
Cast Amina Al Haj, Rahaf Al Obeid, Luna Al Obeid, Abd Alhameid Al Obeid
Cinematography: Hans Bruch
Production: Hans Bruch
Screenplay: Rand Abou Fakher
Editing: Rand Abou Fakher
Sound: Wouter Gordts, Enzo Tibi
Art Direction: Víctor Ghostin, Galy Haleblian


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