Country: Brazil
Year: 2019
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 23 mins.

In the sports court of a public school, a group of dancers rehearse highly disciplined routines under the watchful eye of a choreographer. Tensions haunt personal desires as they are observed by rival troupes. Within the spirit of musicals and music videos, SWINGUERRA sets issues of gender, masculinity, race and power as backdrop for the bodies on screen and the traditions they share and shape. Taking its title from Swingueira, a popular dance movement in contemporary Brazil - with a play on the word guerra, meaning war, the film showcases predominantly nonbinary gender performers at a moment of significant political instability in the country.

Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca developed a collaborative practice with the ones they portray. Their films take the form of musicals that defy conventional notions of genre as the fictional and documentary dimensions become hybrid in order to establish a third language-territory. Among their recents shows are 67th, 68th and 69th Berlinale, 32nd São Paulo Biennial, 5th Skulptur Projekte Münster. Filmography: Faz que Vai (Set to go), 12', BR, 2015 Estás vendo Coisas (You are seeing things), 16', BR, 2016 Bye Bye Deutschland! Eine Lebensmelodie ( Goodbye Germany! A Melody of Life), 20', DE, 2017 Terremoto Santo (Holy Tremor), 18',BR, 2018 Rise, 20', CA, BR, USA, 2019

Director: Barbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca
Cast Eduarda Lemos
Cinematography: Pedro Sotero
Production: Dora Amorim, Julia Machado, Thais Vidal
Editing: Eduardo Serrano
Music: Carlos Sá
Sound: Nicolau Domingues, Lucas Caminha, Catharine Pimentel
Art Direction: André Antonio


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