Country: Mexico
Year: 2019
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 10 mins.

Fabiana is a girl from high school whose group of friends reject her for stealing one of his friends boyfriend. During her free time in his tennis class. Lore, Rebeca and Fabiana -her bes friends- talks about her doubts and insecurities, ending in a confrontation within the group. In the middle of the discussion, her sensuous tennis teacher propose to the girls a very unusual way to resolve things.

Magaly Ugarte de Pablo

Magaly Ugarte is a director, producer and writer from borned in Chihuahua. She has worked at different production companies like Pimenta Films, Agencia Bengala and Woo Films. In 2015 she debuted as a director with the web series Cuello Busca Soga and Women in the cocina. Tennis has been selected in various international festivals. She's currently working on her first film.

Director: Magaly Ugarte de Pablo
Cast Francisca Pardo Orozco, Luisa Cayuela Serrano, Ximena Saenger, Gabriela Marcos Payton
Cinematography: Roberto Vilches
Production: Lilyana Torres, Magaly Ugarte de Pablo,
Screenplay: Magaly Ugarte de Pablo
Editing: Liora Spilk Bialostozky
Art Direction: Ana Blizzard


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