Pouštět draka

The Kite

Kids in Action

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2019
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 13 mins.

The Kite is about the issue of death, but in a simple metaphoric and symbolic way. It explains the fact that none of us are here forever and all living creatures must die, but on the other hand, to show, that someone's journey doesn't have to end with death. A little boy visits his old grandfather in the countryside and they fly a kite together. They are both made out of layers, which symbolize their age. The boy has many of these layers. He is perspective, because he has all his life before him. But grandfather, on the other hand, has already lost most of his layers and he has only few left. As he gets older, he also gets thinner, and at the end of his life, he is as thin as a sheet of paper. One day, the wind just softly blows him away.

Martin Smatana

Martin Smatana finished his master degree of animation at FAMU, Prague. During his bachelor studies he completed an intership at Nukufilm Studio in Tallinn, Estonia. For 5 years he was leading workshops of animation for children. His debut film Rosso Papavero was premiered at Berlinale 2015. In January 2019 he finished his stop-motion film for children The Kite. The film was awarded the first prize at Animarkt Pitching Forum 2017 in Lodz, Poland.

Director: Martin Smatana
Cinematography: Ondřej Nedvěd
Production: Ondřej Šejnoha, Peter Badač
Screenplay: Martin Smatana
Editing: Lucie Navrátilová
Music: Aliksander Yasinski
Sound: Viera Marinová
contacto: alexandra.hroncova@famu.cz


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