Valerio's Day Out

Short Film Experimental

Country: Colombia, United States
Year: 2019
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Runtime: 9 mins.

A young jaguar (Valerio) goes on a killing spree when he escapes from his enclosure at a zoo. After he’s caught, sedated, and relocated he makes a video diary for his significant other. Their name is Lula.

Michael Arcos

Michael Arcos is a Miami-born, ecuadorian-american filmmaker who began his career in his adolescent years editing on VHS. His work has been exhibited internationally since 2014. Arcos is currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana where he continues to create new work through film, sound design, and animation.

Director: Michael Arcos
Cast Monika Leska
Production: Daniela Calle
Screenplay: Michael Arcos
Music: Julius Weissenborn
Sound: George Michael Parker


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