White Goldfish

Short Film Fiction

Country: Belgium
Year: 2020
Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 8 mins.

Stella, a ten year old girl, discovers that her mother has an intimate relationship with the mysterious Patty. Initially, Stella reacts on the situation by punishing her unfaithful mother for it. But when she gets in contact with Patty, it turns out that her antagonist is different than she thought she would be and Stella and Patty develop a strong connection. Stella finally realizes that her mother, father, sister Tess and Patty are all searching for something different in a relationship. 

Jan & Raf Roosens

The brothers Jan and Raf Roosens are known for their keen eye and focus on the visual aspects of storytelling and meticulously chosen shots in a style best defined as poetic realism. Concurrently they prioritize the spontaneity of their actors. Their latest short, The White Goldfish, has been selected for the Semaine de la Critique at Cannes,

Director: Jan & Raf Roosens
Cast Gloria Catteeuw, Cato Catteeuw , Femke Debeule, Circé Lethem
Cinematography: Sander Vandenbroucke
Production: Jan & Raf Roosens
Screenplay: Raf Roosens, Jan Roosens
Editing: Ward Geerts
Music: Gedeon Depauw, by Driftwood
Sound: Gedeon Depauw
contacto: raf@rococo.be


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