Los Hermosos Vencidos

Beautiful Losers

Mexican Feature

Country: Mexico, Spain
Year: 2021
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 75 mins.

Mara and Daniel just met each other while transporting a corpse by request to the north. When the police discover them at a checkpoint, they are forced to flee. Forced to collaborate, they will abandon their secrecy as they try to assert his only heritage: a dead person who they only know is worth money if they manage to take it to its destination.

Guillermo Magariños

Guillermo Magariños was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1987. He graduated with a major in directing from The Madrid Film School. He has directed several short films, such as On Time (2010) and The Cubs (2014), screened at various films festivals around the world. He has also served as director of publicity in Mexico and Spain. Beautiful Losers is his first film

Director: Guillermo Magariños
Cast Diego Calva, Tania López.
Cinematography: Carlos de Miguel.
Production: Andrea Toca, Daniela Leyva Becerra Acosta, Rosa Galguera, Guillermo Magariños.
Screenplay: Guillermo Magariños, Silvia Jiménez.
Editing: Eduardo Palenque.
Music: Óscar Becerra.
Sound: Rubén Cacho.
Art Direction: Alejandra Márquez.
contacto: andreatoca.235@gmail.com


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