Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2020
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Runtime: 14 mins.

In a vogue ballroom, ‘gimme one’ is what the MC would ask the judges in deciding the winner of the dance battle. The ballroom scene is an underground community that was started by trans persons of colour as far back as the 1920s. Although it revolves around extravagant competitions, at the heart of the scene is a sense of community, shared experience and empowerment. GIMME ONE is a virtual reality documentary experience telling the story of five members of the UK ballroom community which examine ideas around cultural appropriation, the preservation of safe spaces and the power of identity and self-expression. The documentary listens to the burgeoning UK community of this international movement as they explore sexuality and gender through dance. Their self-expression is seen through dance using digital volumetric and motion capture techniques, visualising the unique voices of this vibrant subculture.

Montague FitzGerald

Monty is a self-taught editor who has made his directorial debut with Gimme One. He is a creator who has previously worked on a range of moving image projects. His work includes film, dance, performance and installation exhibits with a focus on social impact. Previous work has explored environmental issues, cultural identity, minority subculture, as well as liminality and the subconscious. He is interested in expanding on these themes through the affordances of digital mediums and technologies.

Director: Montague FitzGerald
Cast Aysha Chamberlain, Brandon Okeke, Diva Miyake-Mugler, Karteer Miyake-Mugler, Kenzo Miyake-Mugler.
Cinematography: George Jaspar Stone.
Executive Production: Karteer Miyake-Mugler.
Production: Harry Silverlock.
Editing: Montague Fitzgerald.
Music: Joseph Summers, Vjuan Allure, Mike Q.
Sound: Becky Street.
Animation: George Jaspar Stone.