Kinshasa Now

Virtual Reality

Country: Belgium
Year: 2020
Language: Lingala
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 20 mins.

35,000 kids abandoned by their families following witchcraft allegations are doing their best to survive on the streets of Kinshasa, Congo. One night, fourteen-year-old Mika must suddenly come to terms with this terrible situation and learn the rules of the street to survive, find food and shelter, and, even most importantly, fit in.

Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Marc-Henri Wajnberg studied cinema at INSAS, Brussels. He is a screenwriter, director and producer. His productions are eclectic: in all, he produced 3,000 very short films - including the famous collection of Clap, broadcast internationally. His short film Le Réveil (The Alarm Clock) with Jean-Claude Dreyfus was awarded in Cannes and received 22 awards.

Director: Marc-Henri Wajnberg
Cast Mika Bangala, Vainqueur Kanga, David Lemba, Chancelvie Kapongue.
Cinematography: Forceville Wim.
Production: Marc-Henri Wajnberg, Catherine Boes, Djwa Mbane Théophile.
Screenplay: Marc-Henri Wajnberg.
Editing: Doppelt Lucas, Jimmy Abidts.
Sound: Demute Studio.