Marco & Polo Go Round

Virtual Reality

Country: Canada, Belgium
Year: 2021
Language: English
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 12 mins.

On the morning of his birthday, Marco discovers the cake Polo has lovingly made and left for him on the kitchen table. He also notices that every object in the kitchen has been battened down with tape and twine as if to safeguard against an oncoming storm. What begins as a beautiful morning for the young couple takes a surreal turn when their world literally falls apart around them.

Benjamin Steiger Levine

Benjamin Steiger Levine portrays experience through unexpected stories that are both touching and unsettling. This balance between charm and discomfort, humanity and visual-wonder is the heart of his work. Ben’s favorite stories come from a personal place that get expressed in unexpected visual ways.

Director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
Production: Audrey Pacart, Paul-E. Audet, Pierre Even, Alain-Gilles Viellevoye.
Screenplay: Benjamin Steiger Levine, Gregory Kaufman.
Music: Yves Gourmeur.
Sound: Cosounders.
Animation: Zest Studio.