Quedarme Aquí

Stay Here

Guanajuato Short Film

Country: Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 10 mins.

In a context of domestic violence that is getting worse and worse, a situation not seen before is hitting the country. A forced quarantine with your aggressor becomes the day-to-day situation of thousands of women in the country, which is why social movements such as the feminist movement have grown and found great strength even with all the restrictions of social proximity. Why are you risking your life to protest? How do they keep fighting?

Estefanía Franco

Estefanía Franco is a producer from Queretaro, when she began a path towards feminism, she found an opportunity to explore this issue with passionate people. Emerging from an exploration of the motivation of a social movement that grows more and more in her generation, Estefanía tries to portray her own feeling through these interviews directed towards the question of continuing to fight within a context of a global pandemic.

Director: Estefanía Franco
Cinematography: Pablo de la Cruz.
Production: Miguel Ramirez.
Screenplay: Vidal Castillo, Andrea Alvarez.
Editing: Mike Ramirez.
Music: Regina Saenz, Arturo Piña, Roberto Escoto.
contacto: estefaniafranco20@gmail.com


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Teatro Ángela Peralta

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