Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Language: Hungarian
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 44 mins.

In western Ukraine is located one of the largest Roma settlements in the country - the place is called Tábor. An isolated quarter of the city of Berehove, where live mostly Hungarian speaking Romani people. The film shows one of the days of the celebration of Easter, when the boys water the girls, receiving Easter eggs for this. After the end of the holiday many of them leave the settlement with their entire families and go to roam the country. The film reflects human being in a timeless dimension, brings closer archetypal images: mother, father, child. Depicts the plasticity of the movement of a man and nature in the space, which they are being a part of, creating chaos that contains a balance between different components like light and shadow.

Stanislav Danylyshyn

Stanislav grew up in Chernivtsi. Graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute with a degree in physics and mathematics. Studying filmmaking at the German Film- and Television Academy in Berlin.

Director: Stanislav Danylyshyn
Cinematography: Jesse Mazuch.
Production: Olga Goister, Stanislav Danylyshyn.
Sound: Hannes Marget.


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