1/4 Ante Meridiem

Mexican Short Film

Country: Mexico
Year: 2022
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 18 mins.

Mabel (13 years old) is in love with Ambroz (10 years old), whose mother forbids him to play with her because "she is older than him". The game between them takes place in secret and in a forbidden place. Ambroz's innocence prevents him from deciphering the dark mystery that surrounds Mabel's life.

Alex Noppel

Mexican filmmaker and musician. Studied a Master in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Founding member of the audiovisual collective Ozumedia and co-founder of Tina Perversa, a series of events focused on visual arts, music and fashion. His first feature film, "Victorio", won the award for Best First Film at the Guanajuato International Film Festival GIFF 2008. He is currently directing the documentary series "Beyond the Cup" about the network of oppression, violence, migration and abuse existing behind a cup of coffee.

Director: Alex Noppel
Cast Maria Ximena Escalante Ruiz, Angel Gabriel López Santiz, “Queenie” Rosa Geraldina Salvarria Beltrones.
Cinematography: Chemi Romero
Production: Joshua Gil
Screenplay: Andrea Betancourt y Alex Noppel
Editing: Alfredo Castro
Sound: Diego Aguirre
contacto: alexnoppel@gmail.com


14:00 (Horario CST)
Auditorio Mateo Herrera

San Miguel de Allende
15:00 (Horario CST)
Auditorio Miguel Malo | Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez "El Nigromante"

14:00 (Horario CST)
Teatro de la Ciudad