En lång utdragen olyckshändelse

A Long Protracted Scene of An Accident

Short Animation

Country: Sweden
Year: 2021
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 15 mins.

Henrik is given an important task by his Dad: keeping track of Mum while Dad's away. Henrik tries to, but what did that really mean? One day Henrik finds a letter in his mum’s handwriting; “I don't wanna live anymore…” Through its uniquely shaped narrative, drawn out in whimsical animation, this film invites us to bear witness to the emotional struggle of a nuclear family. It is a subtle but decisive reminder of the scary dysfunctionality of the family that often promises to keep us safe. As the young protagonist struggles with too much responsibility, we witness how he carries the burden of his parents’ obstacles and we become fully immersed in his anxiety as a child.

Lisa Rydberg, Lars Henrik Andersson

Lisa Rydberg and Lars Henrik Andersson are a filmmaking couple from Mälmo, Sweden. Their second film A Long Protracted Scene Of An Accident was nominated for Bes Swedish Short at Gothenburg Film Festival and wond the prize for Best Film at Pixel Skånes Film Festival. It was also Best Swedish Film at Uppsala 2021.

Director: Lisa Rydberg, Lars Henrik Andersson
Cast Vilton Andersson Flodström, Viktoria Flodström, Lars Henrik Andersson, Sam Andersson Flodström, Lisa Rydberg, Tomas Fingal, Magnus Ödén
Production: Lars Henrik Andersson
Screenplay: Lars Henrik Andersson, Lisa Rydberg
Editing: Lars Henrik Andersson, Lisa Rydberg
Music: Lars Henrik Andersson, Horacio Salinas
Sound: Lars Henrik Andersson, Henrietta Skoog
Animation: Animation: Lars Henrik Andersson
contacto: info@rainafilms.com


16:00 (Horario CST)
Teatro Estudio

San Miguel de Allende
13:00 (Horario CST)
Auditorio Miguel Malo | Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez "El Nigromante"