Vidiš li ih ti?

Can You See Them?

Spotlight Country: Croatia

Country: Croatia
Year: 2021
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 10 mins.

A schizophrenic boy witnesses the killing of a deer in the forest and runs back home. A myriad of strange occurrences along the way worsen his condition. The safety of his home is only an illusion, and a series of visual stimuli forces him to go back to the beginning of the story in order to try and change the sequence of events.

Bruno Razum

He studied multimedia under Professor Ladislav Galeta at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He works as an auteur animator and professor. He has worked on the visual identity and graphics of series, documentaries and film festivals. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of the Applied Arts (ULUPUH).

Director: Bruno Razum


23:00 (Horario CST)
Panteón San Nicolás

San Miguel de Allende
23:00 (Horario CST)
Panteón Jardines Nueva Vida