Gefilte Fish

Special Showcase

Country: United States, Austria
Year: 2021
Language: English
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 7 mins.

On its surface, Gefilte Fish is a story of one family meal in the Bronx. That brief moment in time connects past, present, and future, revealing family trauma. The story is a visual journey through time measured by one family's life and threaded by the metaphors of eyes, silence, guilt, and feeling like fish out of water. 

Yuliya Lanina

Yuliya Lanina is an interdisciplinary artist. Her honors include Fulbright, Headlands Art Center, and Yaddo Colony residencies. Exhibitions include SXSW, Seoul Art Museum, SIGGRAPH (Japan), 798 Beijing Biennial, Cleveland Institute of Art, Museum Ludwig (Germany) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Director: Yuliya Lanina
Cast Yuliya Lanina
Production: Yuliya Lanina
Screenplay: Yuliya Lanina
Music: Sam Lipman
Art Direction: Yuliya Lanina
Animation: Yuliya Lanina