Country: Switzerland
Year: 2021
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Runtime: 4 mins.

Ava enters the sauna for the first time. She is overwhelmed by the nudity, her thoughts, and the physical sensations. The other guests go about their routines. With the rising heat Ava starts to relax. Finally, she melts away and dissolves into complete ecstasy.

Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren

Lena was born in Bern, Switzerland and got her BA in Animation from HSLU (Lucerne Advance School of Art & Design). Perren is a filmmaker, illustrator and animator based in Bern, Switzerland. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Animation from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Director: Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren
Production: Gerd Gockell
Screenplay: Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren
Music: Yuan Cao Mrak
Sound: Rachelle Furrer
Animation: Lara Perren, Anna Lena Spring, Remo Scherrer, Marion Täschler, Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle


23:00 (Horario CST)

San Miguel de Allende
22:00 (Horario CST)
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