Un Disfraz para Nicolás

A Costume For Nicolas

Kids in Action

Country: Mexico
Year: 0
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 82 mins.

Nicolas is a 10-year-old whose late mom left him a trunk of costumes, where he finds a portal to a kingdom whose dreams need to be saved.

Eduardo Rivero

Eduardo Rivero began his career in animation after concluding his studies in Filmmaking. Some of the accolades his works have earned include: the award for best short film in the Morelia Film Festival with "Las Tardes de Tintitco", as well as the Ariel awarded by the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences to "The Incredible Story of Stone Boy" in the Best Animated Feature category.

Director: Eduardo Rivero
Cast Paty Cantú, Fran Fernández, Cristina Hernández, Ricardo Tejeda
Production: Miguel Ángel Uriegas
Screenplay: Miguel Ángel Uriegas
Editing: Roberto Almeida
Music: Manuel Vázquez
Sound: Alejandro de Icaza, Enrique F. Tanco
Art Direction: Francisco de la Cruz


10:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: INFORUM

10:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: Parque Bicentenario

Guanajuato, Capital
10:00 (Horario CST)
AquaCinema: Presa de la Olla