Country: Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom
Year: 2020
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Runtime: 25 mins.

A poetic exploration of how taxonomies of monsters in early European science expressed a way of organizing the natural world. The film picks up on these themes by tracing the boundaries of sight and the metamorphosis of form.

Beny Wagner, Sasha Litvintseva

Sasha Litvintseva (1989, Murmansk, Russia) is an artist filmmaker and writer researcher. Her work has been exhibited worldwide including solo presentations at Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Berlinische Galerie, Modern Art Museum Berlin; Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago.    Beny Wagner (1985, Berlin, Germany) is an artist, filmmaker and writer. He has presented his work in festivals, exhibitions and conferences internationally: IFFR, Eye Film Museum, Media Art Biennale WRO, Sonic Acts. He is a senior lecturer at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.

Director: Beny Wagner, Sasha Litvintseva
Production: Daan Milius, Hans van Hezik, Guillaume Cailleau
Screenplay: Sasha Litvintseva, Beny Wagner


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