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Cranston Academy: Monster Zone

Kids in Action

Country: Mexico
Year: 2018
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 85 mins.

Danny is a genius boy who always comes up with the most spectacular things, but having a high IQ doesn't make him popular, well yes... with the bullies at school. So the moment they offered a scholarship to study at Cranston Academy, a prestigious school for geniuses, it would seem that all his problems would be over and could finally feel appreciated. The problem is that a school full of geniuses makes things more difficult, especially when you consider that 9.9 is a failing grade.   After getting off on the wrong foot with Professor Stern, Danny manages to befriend his roommate Liz, a dedicated and perfectionist student who is eager to prove her greatness.   One night, while fixing an abandoned nuclear reactor outside the school, Danny and Liz mistakenly open the door to a portal to another dimension ... that dimension is full of monsters; giant winged eyes, six-legged beasts, or a large pink slime monster to name a few, all eager to create chaos everywhere.   Together, Danny, Liz and a half-man, half-moth creature named Mothman, who also comes out of the 5th dimension, they must defeat any lurking monster and close the door they opened in order to save the school ... and probably the world. too.

Leopoldo Aguilar

Leopoldo Aguilar is a director, producer and screenwriter graduated from the Guadalajara University and with a masters degree in filmakin from the Barcelona University. He has worked on multiple animation and fiction film projects like Suertes, Humores y Pequeñas historias de la Revolución y la independencia produced by CANIETI and IMCINE. Co-director of the animated film El secreto del medallón de Jade.director, producer and screenwriter of the short film Tetas para matar, director and screenwriter of the short film The Weeping. 

Director: Leopoldo Aguilar
Cast Polo Morín, Natalia Tellez, Edson Zúñiga "El Norteño"
Production: Fernando De Fuentes S.
Screenplay: Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker
Editing: Vincent Tabaillon, Gilad Carmel
Music: Jody Jenkins
Art Direction: Jorge A. Carrera Quiroz
Animation: Lio Vargas


10:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: INFORUM

10:00 (Horario CST)
AutoCinema: Parque Bicentenario

Guanajuato, Capital
10:00 (Horario CST)
AquaCinema: Presa de la Olla