La paloma y el lobo

The Dove and The Wolf

Special Showcase

Country: Mexico
Year: 2019
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 106 mins.

Displaced by the violence that swept their town, Paloma and Lobo survive trying to love each other. Through thirst, fear and nostalgia, Paloma wishes to go back home but Lobo lives tied to a memory that stops him from returning.

Carlos Lenin

He studied Publicity & Audiovisual Media Production at UANL and specialized in Film Direction at ENAC-UNAM. He finished his filmic studies under the tutelage of Abbas Kiarostami, at the Specialization for Film Directors Workshop given by the Iranian filmmaker. In 2016, his film 24o 51’ Latitud Norte received an Ariel Award by the Mexican Academy of Filmic Sciences & Arts. Not long after that, he received the Orona Award at EIECINE, in the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival. In 2018, he wrote and directed his first feature, La paloma y el lobo, which premiered as part of the Official Selection at the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival and went on to receive the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award. In 2020, he will premiere a short film, El sueño más largo que recuerdo.

Director: Carlos Lenin
Cast Paloma Petra, Armando Hernández, Mónica del Carmen, Pablo Mendoza
Cinematography: Diego Tenorio
Production: Miguel Ángel Sánchez M.
Screenplay: Carlos Lenin Treviño Rodríguez, Jorge Guerrero Zotano
Editing: Alicia Segovia, Carlos Lenin
Music: Chikis RA, Los Mier
Sound: David Muñoz
Art Direction: Elva Yanuaria Algravez


18:30 (Horario CST)
Cinemex Sala 10 Plaza Jacarandas