El mar entre las casas

The Sea Between the Houses

Mexican Feature

Country: Mexico
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 79 mins.

José returns to his place of birth, to receive the ashes of his mother and his indebted factory. José, a biologist who lives in the sea, would like to finish everything and return to his investigations, but the pressure of the business, the growing nostalgia of childhood and the posthumous wills of his mother will make him stay long enough to meet Estela, the daughter Neighbor's teenager he remembered as a girl. She will show him the possibility of another life nested in his arms.

Juan Pablo García Gordillo

Juan Pablo García Gordillo finished his studies at the cinematography career at ARPA BUAP. He is the director and screenwriter of the fiction feature El mar entre las casas and is currently finishing the edition of his first documentary feature Nido, to be released in late-2020. He is the director and screenwriter of the short film La rueda de piedra, which has been a winner at the Zanate Festival as best short-medium film documentary category, as well as in the León International Film Festival.

Director: Juan Pablo García Gordillo
Cast Aram Oyarzabal, María Fernanda López García, Guillermo Duque de Estrada, Julián López García
Cinematography: Jan Swiecichowski
Production: Héctor Meza Munive, Jorge Esteban Ayanegui León, Carlos Raúl Cedillo Luna
Screenplay: Juan Pablo García Gordillo
Editing: Carlo Corea
Music: Gabriel Téllez Girón
Sound: Gabriel Téllez Girón
Art Direction: Gabriela Martínez
contacto: hecrof@gmail.com


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