Un mundo maravilloso

A wonderful world


Country: Mexico
Year: 2006
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 118 mins.

This film shows in a black humor tone the harsh reality of a common Mexican man, facing adversity and injustice in a corrupt and unequal country. Through a satirical approach, Estrada questions the values and hypocrisy of the Fox administration, revealing the daily struggle for survival in an oppressive system.

Luis Estrada

Mexican filmmaker recognized for the satirical, unique and provocative approach he directs towards his society. Throughout his career he has challenged the established system and used cinema as a powerful tool for social criticism. His work has left a lasting impact on Mexican cinema and has allowed to established himself as one of the most important directors of his generation.

Director: Luis Estrada
Cast Damián Alcázar, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Jesús Ochoa, Silverio Palacios
Cinematography: Patrick Murguía
Production: Luis Estrada
Screenplay: Luis Estrada
Music: Santiago Ojeda
Sound: Santiago Núñez, Andrés Franco


19:00 (Horario CST)
Cinemex Jacarandas | Sala 10