Country: Mexico
Year: 2022
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: english
Runtime: 107 mins.

A Jewish teenager is about to compete in the swimming nationals when a goy who works at a radio station invites her to a concert. The adventures and romance between these two will test their beliefs and family bond. While experiencing the worst economic and political crisis in the country, her father will do whatever it takes to keep her away from him and preserve his family’s purity. Confronting him, she will struggle to build her own destiny.

Santiago Salinas

Mexican film director with a background in communication and cinema. He has directed movies, commercials, documentaries and TV programs. With knowledge in acting direction and production teams leadership, he has achieved high-level productions. Goy has been exceptionally received at international festivals and he is currently developing his first TV series.

Director: Santiago Salinas
Cast Rocio De la Mañana, Bryan Bryan dal Pozzo, Enrique Singer, Fabiana Perzabal, Stephanie Salas, José Sefami , Eugenio Bartilotti
Cinematography: Rodrigo Sandoval Vega Gil
Production: Santiago Salinas
Screenplay: Santiago Salinas, Alejandro Díaz
Editing: Guillermo Ramírez Ingelmo
Music: Policrom Records Gabriel Sosa Morfín Raúl García Espino
Art Direction: Ana Magis
Animation: Hola Combo


14:30 (Horario CST)
Teatro del Bicentenario

San Miguel de Allende
20:00 (Horario CST)
Cinemex Luciérnaga | Sala 8

17:00 (Horario CST)
Teatro de la Ciudad