Country: Germany, Hungary, Belgium, India
Year: 2023
Language: Portuguese, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 19 mins.

Doing the household chores and taking care of her two young sons is an inescapable routine that Sandra, an immigrant from Mexico, follows daily. It makes her feel hopelessly tired but still, her attentive care for both the sons and her intimacy with them remain unaffected. The boys’ father —Sandra’s Portuguese husband— appears to be a distant man at home. His absence is felt in his mute presence. Nothing exciting happens in this Lisbon suburb, as Sandra’s monotonous marriage reaches its climax. Hitting a definitive point of exhaustion, she attempts to break out of her normative duties of being a mother or a wife.

Siddhant Sarin

Hindustani documentary filmmaker. He represents his production company Teh Films, which formed the first India-Lithuania-South Korea co-production team in the world. He is currently a scholarship student at Docnomads.

Director: Siddhant Sarin
Cast Sandra Ruiz, Miguel Rato, Gabriel Rato, Dario Rato
Cinematography: Siddhant Sarin
Production: Victor Candeias, Siddhant Sarin
Editing: Siddhant Sarin
Sound: Mariana von Seckendorff


San Miguel de Allende
15:00 (Horario CST)
Teatro Santa Ana