Canción que Quema

Song that Burns


Country: Mexico
Year: 2023
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 98 mins.

After several years, the cult Mexican rock band San Pascualito Rey returns to the studio to record their fourth album Todo nos trajo hasta hoy. It’s an ambitious bet and the band is convinced that they are making the best album in their history. Song by song, the musicians expose their dreams and fears, falling into creative frictions and stretching their ties to the limit. San Pascualito Rey, creators of the ¨dark guapachoso¨ sound, have literally left their skin on the asphalt, clinging to achieve something that seems impossible —to survive doing their music.

Yulene Olaizola, Ruben Imaz, Luis Flores Rábago

Multi-award winning Mexican filmmakers. Olaizola authored Selva trágica, which premiered in Venice, New York and San Sebastián, as well as Fogo and the documentary Intimidades de Shakespeare y Víctor Hugo. Imaz directed Familia tortuga, Epitafio and Tormentero, as well as co-writing and producing Fogo and Selva trágica. Flores was awarded at GIFF for his documentary Carmina.

Director: Yulene Olaizola, Ruben Imaz, Luis Flores Rábago
Cast Pascual Reyes, Juan Morales, Luca Ortega, Alejandro Otaola
Cinematography: Yulene Olaizola, Rubén Imaz, Juan Pablo San Esteban, Paloma Oseguera
Production: Rubén Imaz, Yulene Olaizola
Editing: Yulene Olaizola, Luis Flores Rábago, Rubén Imaz
Music: San Pascualito Rey
Sound: José Miguel Enríquez


San Miguel de Allende
19:30 (Horario CST)
Compartimento Cinematográfico

19:00 (Horario CST)
Cinemex Jacarandas | Sala 10