Short Film Experimental

Country: Brazil, USA
Year: 2020
Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Runtime: 19 mins.

In a period of isolation, far away from each other, two friends reconnect through video-letters, inspired by the poetic gaze of women experimental filmmakers: Marie Menken, Joyce Wieland, Gunvor Nelson and Yvonne Rainer. Fernanda is a Brazilian living in São Paulo, Adriana is a Mexican-Brazilian living in Los Angeles. They share their inspiration while capturing the reality of these times: the pot-banging protests against Bolsonaro, a home moving, the passing of days that feel all the same, gentrification that won’t stop even during a pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests and the yearning of meeting each other again soon.

Adriana Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa

Fernanda Pessoa is a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist, working primarily on documentary, experimental cinema and videoinstallations. She has a MFA in Film Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. In 2017, Pessoa released her first feature documentary "Stories our cinema did (not) tell”, which participated in over 25 international festivals and is currently on Brazilian Netflix. Her second long documentary “Arid Zone” received an Honorable Mention at Dok Leipzig. She has directed short films with international screenings, music videos, and has done solo and group exhibitions.

Director: Adriana Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa
Screenplay: Fernanda Pessoa & Adriana Barbosa
contacto: encalientefilms@gmail.com


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