Vivir La Vida Como Jazz, Jazzamoart

To Live Life Like Jazz

Special Showcase

Country: Mexico
Year: 2021
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 74 mins.

The visual artist Jazzamoart, narrates his path in painting, from his childhood in Guanajuato and the Academy of Arts in Mexico, to his encounter with jazz as the axis for his work, intertwining it with other passions such as soccer, bullfighting and Mexicanness. , all this through his gestural and expressionist pictorial language. People from the jazz scene share anecdotes such as Olivia Revueltas, Francisco Téllez, Iraida Noriega and Alain Derbez, as well as protagonists of cultural life such as Teresa del Conde, Rogelio Cuellar, Raquel Tibol, Arnold Belkin, Emile Martel, among others.

Floria González

Floria González's visual language delves into parallel dimensions, the nature of time, the interconnection of things in the universe, the influence they have on energy and individual consciousness. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, USA, Italy, Germany, Singapore, England and South America, she has also directed for Sony Music, Leonel García, Natalia Lafourcade and Alondra de la Parra.

Director: Floria González
Cast Jazzamoart , Olivia Revueltas, Francisco Téllez, Ana Ruíz, Iraida Noriega, Alain Derbez, Teresa Del Conde, Rogelio Cuellar, Oscar Román, Aldo Flores, Raquel Tibol, Arnold Belkin, Emile Martel, Nicole Martel.
Cinematography: Floria González.
Production: Jazzamoart Vázquez Smith.
Screenplay: Floria González, Jazzamoart Vázquez Smith, Oscar Juárez Vargas.
Editing: Floria González, Oscar Juárez Vargas, Jazzamoart Vázquez Smith.
Music: Felipe Gordillo, Mario García, Pavel Cal, Alex Mercado, Diego Maroto, Héctor Infanzón, Eugenio Toussaint, Gerry López.
Sound: Ricardo Covarrubias.
Art Direction: Jazzamoart.
Animation: Oscar Juárez Vargas.


11:00 (Horario CST)
Teatro de la Ciudad